“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein

At Croftlands Infant & Nursery school our aim is to provide a science curriculum that engages and inspires children to explore the world around them. Through exciting, stimulating and challenging practical experiences we aim to spark their curiosity and inspire them to want to find out more.

Embedded within our curriculum is the belief that curiosity has led to great advances in science and that it is also the key to successful scientific education. Our children are encouraged to question, investigate and explore the world around them. We believe that these opportunities will ensure that our children are confident, life-long learners who will develop an appreciation of the beauty and wonder of science and have a deeper understanding of the world we live in.


  • Our main science teaching with Key Stage 1 is taught weekly by the teacher who is solely responsible for planning, delivering, and assessing this subject. We teach 2 hours of science per week in KS1. 

  • Understanding of the world in EYFS is taught mainly through topic work. Understanding the world invloves guiding children to make sense of their ohysical world and their community. The frequency and range of children's personal experiences increase their knowledge and sense of the world around them- from visiting parks, and shops to meeting important members of our community such as police officers, nurses, and firefighters. In addition, listening to a broad selection of stories, non-fiction, rhymes, and poems will foster their understanding of our culturally, socially, technologically, and eclogically diverse world.

  • The children are taught to plan their own investigations using the change/measure/same method with a view to this being used independently by the end of Year Two.

  • Science takes place outdoors as much as possible so that children have first-hand experience of the environment they are learning about.
  • Children are encouraged to generate their own questions and are taught that this is the first step toward all great scientific discoveries. Throughout all lessons, questioning is an important tool to establish understanding and encourage deeper thinking.

Our hands-on approach to science leads to engaged learners and children who can operate as scientists.

Our approach to science allows children to think about concepts in depth and revisit them to build on knowledge gained throughout EYFS & KS1.

Our children become confident using scientific terminology and applying concepts that they have learned.  Throughout their science education, the children are exposed to many memorable experiences which help to embed their learning and create a desire to learn more, thus planting the seed to become lifelong learners in this subject.

Click here for the KS1 Science Curriculum. 

Please see 'Understanding the World' within Birth to 5 Matters Birth to 5 Matters .

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