Little Wagtails

In Little Wagtails we have 2 classes.
Hedgehogs are our babies ages 3 months to 2 years (Ratio 1 adult to 3 children).
For more infomation on our Hedgehog room please click here 
At 2 years old children transition to the Badger class for 2-3 year olds (mixed ratio 1:4 and/or 1:8).

Little Wagtail Hedgehog Class Ofsted Report

Each child is allocated a key person, who will be a special adult to whom the child and the family can relate too. The keyperson will work with the children, in close partnership with the parents/carers and all other professionals who may be working with the child.

Opening Times: 
Monday - Thursday  
7.30am - 6pm
Friday 7.30am-3pm

Open all year round with the exception of Christmas and Bank holidays. 

For further information please call the following: 
Hedgehogs- 07526270579
Badgers- 07933916791



In Little Wagtails we use the EYFS Development Matters document to fully promote and support children’s learning and development.

Learning in Little Wagtails is all about play. There is lots of sensory exploration, messy play, painting and crafts, music, singing and dancing. Many learning opportunities are embedded in the environment, for example, rather than seeing a specific Maths area you will find numbers, counting, weighing and measuring, shapes and patterns in lots of different areas of the classroom.

The Hedgehog classroom is set out to provide challenging and stimulating activities for babies to explore and develop their understanding of the world. The room layout suits both crawlers and walkers and has a sleeping area.

In the Badger room, children are introduced to a more structured routine, they will do more of the focused activities together in small groups and they will spend more time outdoors. There is a sleeping/quiet area for those children who still need a daily nap. They will begin to develop independence through making their own choices, putting on their own coats etc Toilet training is more than likely to take place in Badgers, we have lots of ideas and advice to help get them started, and we will work closely with you in order that your child achieves this milestone with minimum fuss!