The children in Years 1 and 2 follow the guidelines in the National Curriculum whereby every child receives quality maths teaching.
Through this we endeavour to provide a challenge and sense of achievement and enjoyments for all our pupils, enabling them to develop their full potential.  Mathematics is an ideal area for developing skills in other subjects, promoting a logical and methodical approach and where possible is integrated into a meaningful topic framework.

Within EYFS, Maths is always encouraged through a range of planned and structured play situations, both independent, and supported by teachers as play partners, where there is plenty of explorating. At Croftlands we ensure that we provide real-life and meaningful experiences, using practical hands-on resources. 

Early mathematical experiences and explorations begin in the Early Years and are developed throughout the school following the National Curriculum Guidelines.

Children take part in concrete, practical activities to develop basic concepts of number, shape, space, measures (length, weight, capacity, time, money) and data handling. These are reinforced by more formal activities, where evidence of learning is recorded. Children learn to apply their understanding of number, shape, space and measures. Mathematical learning is promoted in other areas of the curriculum enabling children to realise that maths is an integral part of everyday life.

At Croftlands Infant School, we use White Rose Maths progressions and schemes of learning to inform our planning and teaching. As highlighted in the National Curriculum, all children must be able to access fluency, reasoning and problem solving. It’s therefore essential that we as teachers provide the support needed for every child to reason and problem solve. 

Click here for the KS1 Maths Curriculum. 

Click here for the White Rose Maths progression maps and schemes of learning. 

Please see 'Mathematics' within Development Matters for EYFS Maths links. 

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