Music enables our pupils to develop their creative and collaborative skills by providing them with opportunities to express themselves through music. Pupils will develop their musical skills through singing, playing, rehearsing, performing, listening, responding, describing and discussing throughout the Early Years Provision and KS1. Children are encouraged to develop their skills in the different aspects of music, including pitch, rhythm, pulse and composition.  

At Croftlands Infant School, we have recently started to use Charanga to support our music teaching. This is an online music scheme with lots of visual aids and interactive resources to support your children's learning about music.

Music Kapow vocabulary progression

Kapow Music Long term plan

Knowledge organiser year 1 Snail and the mouse

Knowledge organiser year 1 Classic music, knowledge and tempo

Knowledge organiser year 1 - Timbre and rhythmic patterns Fairytales

Knowledge organiser year 2 - Myths and legends

Knowledge organiser year 2 - On this island British folk music

Knowledge organiser year 2 - Orchestral instruments

Music overview 

Music - Intent, Implementation and Impact

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Please see 'Expressive Arts and Design' within Birth to 5 Matters Birth to 5 Matters 

Music Policy