School Council 2022-23



For those who haven't been introduced to myself yet, my name is Mrs Morrison and I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant within Croftlands Infants school. At the end of April we came together to revamp the student School Council and already I am very impressed with all our students. In accordance with The Department for Education we aim to actively promote British values in school to ensure young people leave Croftlands ready for life in modern Britain. Our aim is to teach pupils how they can influence decision-making through the democratic process. Encourage pupils to become involved in decision-making and help other pupils to express their views.


Croftlands Infants school 

School Council Mission Statement

We want to implement Croftlands moto “Be Caring. Be Happy. Always do your best” to our peers. 

We will follow Croftland's three rules "Be ready. Be respectful. Be safe.” and help others to do the same. 

We hope to give every pupil in our school a voice.

We will give full attention and support towards any pupils who have concerns of any kind.

We constantly set new targets for ourselves and work hard to achieve them.

At our fortnightly meeting, School Council will bring up important issues.


What is the school council?

Our School Council is made up of a group of children from Year 2 who have been elected by their peers to work with Mrs Morrison. 


When do we meet?

We aim to meet every 2 weeks but we often have additional meetings if required to make sure we are on track with all our actions. 


What do we do?

Each child will get involved in all sorts of things to do with school life but usually have a key focus. Children on the School Council have responsible for making sure all the ideas from other children within Croftlands are heard and listened to and good suggestions are acted upon. With the children, Mrs Morrison will take notes and minutes in each meeting and these can be found on the School Council notice board located in the school hall. 


Who are we?

The following children have been elected for the School Council by their classmates: 

Owl class:

Fox’s class:

These childrens photos can also be found in the main hall on the School Council notice board and will also have a School Council pin to wear on their uniform daily. This will ensure they are noticeable to all their peers. As other children will be looking up to these children, they have a responsibility to follow the school rules.