Reception News

Week beginning 16th April

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome back to school.  
We hope you all had a nice Easter holiday.
In the first half of the summer term we will be focusing on fairy tales, before we then start to learn about castles towards the end of the half term holiday.
In literacy we will continue to learn new sounds in phonics that we can then use in our writing. We will then be writing about Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Jack and the Beanstalk, before we then turn our attention to castles.

In maths we will be thinking more about addition and subtraction, before we then start to look at doubling, halving and sharing.
If you would like to come in to help out in reception one afternoon then please speak to Mr. Vincent or Miss Lord, as we are always happy to have parent help.

Parent-Teacher meetings are due to take place on Wednesday 25th May 2018.  If you haven’t put your name down then you can sign up using the form in the reception entrance porch.  
Our school trip to Lowther Castle is due to take place on Wednesday 23rd May 2018.  Letters have gone out to parents about this, but if you haven’t received one then please speak to Mr. Vincent or Miss Lord.
We are now using the ‘Class Dojo’ app to update parents on a day to day basis.  If you haven’t signed up to use the app yet then we strongly recommend it, as it is a great way to stay informed on what is happening at school.  If you need any help in signing up to the app then please speak to Mr. Vincent or Miss Lord.

Kind regards,

Mr. Vincent, Miss Lord and Miss Scarr


Week Beginning 26th Feb

Dear Parents,

This week in Reception we will be having an assessment week. We will be working with the children to identify the progress they have made in the last few months, and will also be setting them next steps in their learning.

As it is World Book Day on Friday we are also going to be doing a little bit of writing about our favourite books. If your child has a favourite book please could they bring it on Wednesday? We would like the children to talk about why it is their favourite book, so please speak to them beforehand, just so they have had an opportunity to consider why they like it so much.

Friday is World Book Day, so all children are encouraged to come to school dressed as a character from a book.

We will be doing Yoga again in PE this half-term, so we will be doing PE on a Tuesday morning. We will also be doing Forest School on a Thursday afternoon, so please send children to school with wellington boots and a warm coat on these days.

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask.

Kind regards

Mr. Vincent, Miss Lord and Miss Scarr


Week Beginning 19th Feb

Dear Parents,

Next term in Reception we will be looking at and thinking about minibeasts. In our first week back we will be looking at the different kinds of minibeasts and where we find them. We will also be looking at books about minibeasts, sorting minibeasts by their characteristics, drawing minibeasts and labelling our pictures. We are going minibeast crazy!

In maths we are looking at capacity, so we will be using measuring jugs and lots of different containers of various shapes and sizes.

On Thursday afternoon we will be heading back to the wild area to find minibeasts with magnifying glasses. Please ensure children have wellington boots, a warm coat, hat and gloves for this afternoon.

PE will continue to be on a Monday morning and a Tuesday afternoon, so please ensure all children have their PE kit on those days.

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask.

Kind regards

Mr. Vincent, Miss Lord and Miss Scarr



In January 2016, we decided as a school to become a Values Based School.

Like increasing numbers of schools across the country, we felt the need to reassess our approach to learning and introduce a values-based approach not only into the curriculum but also into every aspect of daily school life.

To this end we consulted with the whole of our school community and chose 22 values which are rooted in fundamental British Values of Democracy, The rule of law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect and Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.