Nursery News

Week Beginning 2nd July

Dear Parents, 

Next week, we will continue with our topic 'There's Only One You'. We will be looking at the designs, patterns and colours of the fish in the book. We will create our own fish and make them as individual as we are! We are going to use stones from the beach. 

We will be baking next week! Please remember to add a small donation to our piggy bank. 

We will continue with transition into Reception Class and getting to know our new teachers. 

Mrs Hampshire will be working out of class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The fabulous Mrs Wood and Mrs Eastwood will be in charge, along with Mrs Procter.

I am trialing Class Dojo, please let us know what you think of it for Nursery children. If you cannot access your account please let us know. 

We will hold our 'Moving On' ceremony on Wednesday 18th July at 11am in the hall. It will last for approximately 30 mins. Parents, grandparents and friends invited! Hope to see you there! Mrs H

Week Beginning 18th June

We have really enjoyed our topic, 'Safari' and Leo the Lion has been very popular in Sparrow Class. This week, our topic is based on the story 'Only One You' by Linda Kranz. We will discuss the messages in the story book and think about what they mean to us.

We have a play and learn morning with Little Acorns and we are going for a tour of the Ladybird and Owl Classrooms! 

For the last few weeks of term, I am going to trial Class Dojo. So, please look out for an email inviting you to our class page. I would appreciate any feedback from parents and also how you have found using Tapestry this year. We have had a great response! 

The boys and girls surprised me today with how quickly they found their name cards and wrote their names. Neatly too! Thankyou to all the parents who stayed to support their child's writing. 

If any parent would like to help this half term, please feel free!  I am not going to display a parent rota as it is such a strange time of year and we are often out of routine. However, if you let us know you will be available I can find a job :-)

We do have spaces left in our Nursery Class for next year, so if you know anyone with a child aged 3 years please spread the word! We also have a meeting on Wednesday 20th June at 6pm for our new starters.

Thankyou, Nursery Staff


Please remember to send a water bottle and a sun hat with your child every day and to apply sun cream before they come to Nursery. Please contribute a small amount to our Piggy Bank to cover the cost of ingredients. This is for baking and also to make playdough. Thankyou in advance, Mrs H. 

Thankyou for your Tapestry posts; sharing your holiday news! Please continue to share special times and events for your child. 

If you are available to help on our school trip, please see a member of staff. If we do not meet our ratio we cannot go on the trip! 

Week Beginning 4th June

Well, we had a lovely time celebrating the Royal Wedding at the end of our last half term. Thankyou Mrs Wood for organising our ice lollies and and to Mrs Eastwood for our fabulous crowns!

Our topic for this week and next week is 'Safari'. We will read 'We're Going on a Lion Hunt' and retell the story. The children will be using their imaginations to think of their own story. We will draw our ideas and display them in the classroom. We will also share information books and watch online clips of animals in their natural habitat, such as the Masai Mara in Kenya. We will welcome 'Leo the Lion' to our class and use our creative skills to build him a home, where he will be happy. 

This year has flown by; we only have 7 weeks left of the school year. We have had a fantastic year in Nursery and, I know other members of staff agree, the children have been an absolute pleasure to teach! This half term the children will be learning about their new classroom and teachers. The children will visit Reception and we will talk about similarities and differences. Some children from Little Acorns will also visit our classroom and spend time playing with us as they prepare to move on next year. 

From Monday 18th June, the children will use new name cards when arriving at Nursery. They will need to find their name on the board and then sit at a table to practise writing their name onto their new card. The card will go on the teacher board as previous. We will open our doors early for the first week to help the children settle into this new routine. Please can parents stay and help their child to either trace their name or to copy the letters or both! This is intended to be a quick activity to support the children in writing their name, ready for Reception class. If your child can already write their name, we will focus on correct letter formation. If you have any questions, please see a member of staff. 

Dates for your diary -

Wednesday 11th July - Nursery School Trip (see below for letter sent)
Friday 13th July - Reports due out
TBC - Week Beginning 16th July - Moving On Ceremony (We usually sing a song and present the children with certificates. Parents and family invited, around 11am in the hall). 

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Nursery School Trip - Haybridge Nature Reserve, Bouth

Wednesday 11th July 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians,

I can finally give you details of our Nursery School Trip for this year! On Wednesday 11th July, we will be travelling by mini bus to Haybridge Nature Reserve in Bouth (

The children will meet Amy Boud, who will organise, resource and lead forest school activities for us to enjoy! Her website can be found at Amy and I are working together on activity ideas to link with our school topics. We will organise into smaller groups to ensure the children experience as much ‘hands on’ opportunities as possible.

The total cost for this trip is £8.55 per child. This includes a small donation per child towards Haybridge Nature Reserve. Under the terms of the Education Reform Act this is a voluntary contribution, but if the costs are not met the trip will have to be cancelled. Please return your permission slip and money to Miss Jackson in the office by Friday 29th June.

To keep the cost of travelling to a minimum, I have arranged collection from school at 10am and return to school at 2.30pm. Please drop your child off at 9am as usual on this day. Children can be collected at either 2.30pm or 3pm from the Nursery door.

What your child needs…

  • Suitable clothing – the children will need to wear wellies, comfortable clothing such as joggers and t-shirt and a lightweight coat. As we may get muddy, please send a full set of spare clothing.
  • A packed lunch - inside a rucksack, as the children need to carry their lunch easily and have their hands free.
  • Drinks bottle.


We do need at least 5 parents to accompany us on this trip. Please see a member of staff if you are available and would like to help. As always, if your child does not usually attend Nursery on this day, they are very welcome to join us! Any questions please ask.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Hampshire, Mrs Wood, Mrs Eastwood and Mrs Jenkinson


Please return to the office by Friday 29th June 2018.

I give permission for my child…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… to attend the Nursery school trip to Haybridge Nature Reserve on Wednesday 11th July 2018.

  • I enclose a voluntary contribution of £8.55 to cover the cost of the visit

I confirm the emergency contact numbers for my child are correct

Parent / Guardian signature ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Friday 18th May - Royal Wedding Celebration - children are invited to wear party clothes to Nursery. Our plan is to enjoy an ice lolly on a picnic blanket and play outdoors. We will wear a crown and wave a flag! We will play a few games such as musical statues and bumps. 

Week Beginning 21st May

Dear Parents,

Our topic will be 'Summer' for the final week before the holidays. Although the longest day of the year isn't until 21st June, we will discuss the changes we have seen in the weather and also in our outdoor environment. If parents could please ask the children to pick a few wild flowers from their garden we can use these to make our sun catchers (Tue 22nd and Wed 23rd May). 

We will sort Summer and Winter clothing and discuss the differences between each of the seasons. We will look at posters about sun safety; wearing sun cream, a sun hat and drinking plenty of water. We will ask the children, 'what do you like to do in the summer time?' and they will draw their ideas onto some sun glasses! 

Week Beginning 14th May

Dear Parents,

Last week, we continued to learn about the butterfly life cycle. We have made some fabulous pictures that are now on display in the classroom! Please have a look at dropping off time. The children can talk about the egg on a leaf, and out pops a tiny caterpillar, he builds a cocoon and turns into a butterfly! A Mummy butterfly flutters around laying more eggs. The children's knowledge is excellent! 

Our class caterpillars are getting very big now!

This week, our topic is transport. We will be watching vehicles go passed our playground and record our findings on a tally chart. We will count our marks and write the corresponding numeral. We will enhance our provision with small world vehicles and hopefully some larger structures! We will be learning the names of different parts of vehicles from information books and, of course, go and watch the construction vehicles building the Juniour school! 

Towards the end of the week we will begin to prepare for our Royal Wedding celebration on Friday 18th May. The children can wear party clothes on this day. Further information will follow...

I am still no closer in organsing our school trip. The leader at Ford Park has not got back to me yet to confirm that they would be happy to run some sessions for us as they have done before. I am looking into another option and also a cheaper way to travel! Thankyou to all the parents who have been happy to chat with me. I will do my very best to ensure we have a fabulous trip no matter where we go! You know the saying, "it's not where you go, it's who you are with".

Thankyou for your continued support,

Mrs Hampshire


Week Beginning 30th April

Dear Parents,

This week our topic is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We will be retelling the story and tasting some of the different fruits. Please add some money to our piggy bank on top of the fridge. We will practise counting and writing numerals! 

THANKYOU very much to Friends of Croftlands who have raised the money for us to buy a new sandpit and also our butterfly garden. The baby caterpillars arrived this morning and are already moving around! We will be watching them grow and commenting upon how they change. Next week, we will look more closely at the butterfly life cycle. 

I am beginning to think about our school trip. If parents have any suggestions, please feel free to share. I also completed the parent rota after the holidays, but not managed to print it! My apologies! I will do ASAP.

Please remember that children are only allowed water in their bottles. They can bring a different drink to go in their packed lunch. 

We are looking forward to another week of fun! 

Mrs Hampshire

Parents as Partners Week

Thankyou everyone for your support last week! It was very busy, but we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves and we hope you and your child did too! I've managed to upload a few photographs to our webpage. I have sent others through Tapestry. You will also see photographs displayed in our outdoor area very soon! 

Week Beginning 23rd April

We are really enjoying our Parents as Partners Week, we hope you are too! I hope to add some photographs here...

A copy of the letter sent last week.

Wednesday 18th April

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Thankyou to everyone for sending in their fabulous photographs from their Easter holidays! The children have talked to us beautifully about their adventures. We really enjoyed hearing all about them!

Please remember on Wednesday 25th April we have our Parents Meetings.

Next week, will be our ‘Parents as Partners’ week. However, Grandparents, Aunties / Uncles etc are very welcome to join in! We have planned some short, fun activities for you to do with your child as you arrive in the morning. We will open the gate early (8.45am). Children arriving in the afternoon will also be able to take part as they arrive at 12pm. Some of our activities will be weather dependent, so this is a rough guide to the week. We will also ‘roll over’ activities as best we can.

Monday – please return ‘Me and My Family’ jigsaw to discuss in class.

Caterpillar or butterfly hand printing

Tuesday – Favourite family food and drink tally charts

Wednesday – Please bring your favourite childhood story from home to share with your child. For example, I read all the Disney storybooks and my favourite was Bambi. I also enjoyed reading the Puddle Lane books.

Thursday – Collect a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ from a teacher to complete at home. Please add to Tapestry where possible.

Friday – ‘Eat what you want for breakfast’ Day! We will collect the results from Tuesday’s tally chart and provide a little treat for you and your child.

We want our activities to be available to as many families as possible. Please speak to a member of staff and we will be flexible with times.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Hampshire, Mrs Wood, Mrs Eastwood and Mrs Jenkinson.

Week Beginning 5th and 12th March

Dear Parents,

Thankyou to so many Mums, Grandmas, Nannas and Great Grandmas for attending our Mother's Day celebration! We thought the children were excellent and sat beautifully infront of you all! We hope you enjoyed your coffee and biscuit!

Of course, during the week beginning 5th March, we were preparing for the 'show' and making cards and keep sakes.

This week, we have a mixture of jobs! We will be using the ipad to draw our favourite farm animal. We will use the CBeebies app - make a picture, if you would like to practice at home.

Now, the snow has disappeared and it is a little warmer outside we will be learning about Spring. We will be planting seeds and watching them grow. We will be practicing our control using a pencil and producing observational drawings of daffodils. We should see some daffodils outside of school very soon and also blossom on the trees next to our entrance gate. Of course, lots of baby animals are born during spring time! It is nearly time for our chicks to hatch!

We will be reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

Next week, we will move onto our topic 'Easter' and spend lots of time looking after and holding our chicks!

Nursery Staff


Week Beginning 26th February

We are celebrating World Book Day on Friday 2nd March. The children are invited to dress as their favourite book character and to bring a book (please name them). We have been reading books by Julia Donaldson as some of the children recognised the pictures on the back of a book from home. We will have a 'Gruffalo' theme on the day!

On Friday 9th March we will be having a Mother's Day celebration. This will be in the hall from 10.30am - 11.30am. We will perform songs with Reception Class and provide you with a cup of tea or coffee and of course a cake! If Mum cannot attend Grandma / Nanna can come instead. As we have done previously, if your child is not in on this day, but you would like them to take part, please let a member of staff know and drop your child off in Nursery at 10.30am before going into the hall.

This week we are starting our topic 'The Farm'. We have chicken eggs and an incubator in the classroom! If you would like to have a look at the end of a session, please feel free! We would like to hear the children talking about what we did, what we observed and what will happen next. The eggs will be kept in the incubator and on an egg turner until day 18, then we will take them off the egg turner and lay them flat in the incubator. After another 3 days (approximately and hopefully) we should have some chicks! I have told the children that we might not be able to hatch all the eggs. Watch this space for photographs!

If you or a family member own or look after any kind of farm animal please send us some photographs to show to the rest of the class.

The Nursery Staff



In January 2016, we decided as a school to become a Values Based School.

Like increasing numbers of schools across the country, we felt the need to reassess our approach to learning and introduce a values-based approach not only into the curriculum but also into every aspect of daily school life.

To this end we consulted with the whole of our school community and chose 22 values which are rooted in fundamental British Values of Democracy, The rule of law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect and Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.